How Canespro™ works

CanesproTM contains 40% urea ointment which softens the infected part of the nail leaving the non-infected parts of the nail intact.

Treatment involves application once every day to the nail for a period of 2-3 weeks.

It is important to continue with a follow up treatment for an extra 2 to 3 weeks with an antifungal cream (e.g. clotrimazole) as directed.

Follow up treatment after nail removal:

After the infected parts of the nail are removed, complete the treatment with an antifungal cream available from your pharmacist.

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How to use Canespro™ Fungal Nail Treatment Set

  • Step 1

    step 1

    Before applying the ointment, the affected hand or foot should be soaked in warm water for about 10 minutes. Dry thoroughly.

  • Step 2

    step 2

    Apply the Ointment to the surface of the infected nail once daily. Apply enough to cover the infected nail areas with a thin layer.

  • Step 3

    step 3

    To cover the concerned nail with a plaster, gently place half the plaster over the treated nail, then fold over the sides of the plaster round the toe or finger and press. For a smaller finger or toenail, cut the plaster in half. Take care not to touch the sticky surface of the plaster with your fingers or with the ointment, this will help it stick better.

  • Step 4

    step 4

    Fold over the other half of the plaster over the back of your toe or finger. Again, fold over the sides of the plaster round the toe or finger and press. The plaster will fit like a protective cap over the affected nail.

  • Step 5

    step 5

    Remove the plaster every 24 hours and soak the nail in warm water in the bath or shower for about 10 minutes.

  • Step 6

    step 6

    After soaking, remove the softened infected nail using the plastic nail scraper. Hold the plastic nail scraper firmly by gripping the broad handle (smooth and blunt end) only. Use the sharpened and serrated edge for scraping. Clean the scraper with water thoroughly after each use. Keep the plastic nail scraper until the treatment has been completed.

Dry the treated nail(s) thoroughly. CanesproTM Urea Ointment and a fresh plaster should be applied daily as described in points 1-6 above.

Talk to your HealthCare Professional4 if

  • The diagnosis is uncertain
  • Treatment is unsuccessful
  • You have an underactive immune system