Cause and symptoms of Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal Nail Infection needs to be diagnosed accurately and treated effectively to avoid long-term infections and complications.

Fungal Nail Infection can present as a range of symptoms, from diffuse nail plate thickening and discolouration to nail detachment from the nail bed to severe thickening and black pigmentation.3

How to treat fungal nail infection

Fungal Nail Infection requires treatment as it does not usually cure itself, but severity will determine the choice of treatment.

It is important to treat Fungal Nail Infection as soon as possible and not ignore it!

There are several treatment options available such as lacquers and topical presentations however many carry a long treatment period.

Removal of the infected part of the nail, followed by a topical antifungal agent, offers a quick and non-traumatic treatment option for fungal nail infections.